Hey there!

I’m Anna O’Brien.  

I’m a clinical psychotherapist, educator and wellness expert specialised in helping people who have experienced trauma or traumatic stress.

I support you to heal from the impact of unresolved trauma, through compassionate, caring and supportive therapy.

My practice is informed by my own lived experience of trauma and healing.

Types of Trauma 


‘Shock Trauma’ This occurs when a person experiences a one-time distressing event that overwhelms their capacity to cope. Common examples include a car crash, physical or sexual assault or the sudden death of a loved one.

‘Complex Trauma’ can arise from experiencing repeated or multiple traumatic events from which there is no possibility of escape. A sense of being trapped is a feature of this experience. It can undermine a person’s sense of safety in the world and lead to hypervigilance. Complex trauma may include, persistent bullying, emotional, physical or sexual abuse and domestic violence.

‘Attachment Trauma’ is the result of seeming invisible childhood experiences of being mistreated or abused that have been repeated many times. These cumulative experiences could involve verbal abuse, neglect or manipulation by a parent.

‘Vicarious Trauma’ Vicarious trauma is an occupational challenge for people working and volunteering in the fields of victim services, law enforcement, emergency medical services, fire services, and other allied professions, due to their continuous exposure to victims of trauma and violence.